Some different fighting styles

As one of the first posts on this blog, I thought I would give you some of the more popular fighting styles in the world, with some YouTube clips so you can see what they are all about. Later posts will focus on some of these fighting styles individually, so don’t fret, you will get more information!


Muay Thai

Famous for being a sport in Thailand. It is a form of kickboxing. Many people pack stadiums to watch two Thai fighters going at it.



This is a bit of a mixer style that is great for self defense.



Karate more than any other fighting style focuses on defending with deflections etc. Effectively it uses defense as a form of offense.



Focuses on punches, kicks, and knees. It is fast-paced, distracting, and aimed at all available openings.


Wing Chun

Most famous for being the style taught to a young Bruce Lee.


Kung fu

This Chinese fighting style comes in many forms and is one of the oldest.



Considered the most popular fighting style, it is famous for it’s kicks.


The list above is not all inclusive, but gets us off to a good start. As mentioned above we will go into depth of some of these fighting styles in future posts. Can’t wait!


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